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Renewal by Andersen® Window Replacement in Champaign, IL

At Renewal by Andersen, we serve Champaign homeowners by offering our top-tier window replacement and door installation services. Schedule a free design consultation today!

About Champaign, Illinois

Situated in central Illinois, Champaign is characterized by a humid continental climate, experiencing hot summers where temperatures soar above 90°F and harsh, snowy winters that can dip below 0°F. These conditions necessitate robust, energy-efficient home solutions, particularly in windows and doors, to maintain comfort and minimize energy costs throughout the year.

Renewal by Andersen Peoria, serving the Champaign area, is perfectly equipped to meet these needs. Our windows and doors are crafted from Fibrex® material, which combines the insulative qualities of wood with the durability and low maintenance of vinyl, ideal for weathering Champaign’s extreme climate shifts. This innovative material ensures our products are both durable and energy-efficient.

Additionally, our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass significantly reduces heat transfer, which is crucial for keeping homes comfortable during both the sweltering summers and freezing winters. This advanced glass technology not only enhances the energy efficiency of homes but also protects interiors from UV damage, preserving the aesthetic value of your furnishings.

With Renewal by Andersen Peoria, homeowners receive not just products, but tailored solutions that enhance both the beauty and functionality of their homes, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle the demands of the Midwestern climate.


Replacement Windows

Champaign residents recognize Renewal by Andersen as the premier choice for comprehensive window installations. Transform your home with our custom-designed replacement windows, available in various styles, colors, hardware choices, and grille designs. Start your home transformation journey today by scheduling a free design consultation.

Awning Windows

Our awning windows offer a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, featuring a top-hinged design that promotes airflow while protecting your interior from the elements. These windows are particularly suitable for challenging spaces, like over the kitchen sink, allowing fresh air in even during light rain.

Bay & Bow Windows

Create an architectural statement with our bay and bow windows. These multi-panel windows extend outward from the wall, adding extra space, light, and panoramic views to any room. They are ideal for adding a touch of elegance and can be customized with built-in seating or storage.

Casement Windows

Casement windows, known for their energy efficiency, feature a side-hinged design that swings outward to offer full top-to-bottom ventilation. The hand-crank mechanism ensures a tight seal for enhanced energy efficiency and security.

Sliding Windows

Maximize your space and enjoy easy operation with our sliding windows. These windows slide horizontally and are perfect for areas where an outward opening window would be impractical, offering a sleek and space-saving solution without compromising on ventilation.

Double Hung Windows

Our double hung windows offer classic style and modern functionality. Both the upper and lower sashes open for versatile ventilation options and tilt inward for easy cleaning, providing a perfect blend of form and function.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are designed to maximize your view and flood your space with natural light. These fixed windows offer expansive views and are energy-efficient, making them a stunning focal point in any room.

Specialty Windows

Our specialty windows come in a variety of unique shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing you to create a distinctive look for your home. Whether you want to complement your architecture or make a bold statement, these windows add character and style.

Our Full-Service Process

Design Consultation

Kickstart your home improvement project with a complimentary design consultation. Our specialists will help you explore the possibilities and design the ideal window or door that complements your Champaign home’s unique character.

Project Planning

Precision and attention to detail are at the core of our process. Our experienced project managers and master craftsmen ensure a perfect fit and impeccable quality, reflecting our commitment to excellence.


Trust in the expertise of our Certified Master Installers. Their expert approach guarantees that your home is treated with the utmost care, ensuring a clean and efficient installation.

Customer Care

Our dedicated customer care team is here to support you throughout your installation journey and beyond. Whether you need maintenance tips, warranty information, or have questions about your window and door replacement, we’re just a call away.

What To Expect On Installation Day

Installation day with Renewal by Andersen is designed to be as smooth and unobtrusive as possible, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and functionality of your new windows without the hassle. Here’s what you can expect on installation day:

• Protection for Your Home: We start by carefully protecting your floors and furniture, ensuring your home remains clean and undamaged throughout the installation process.

• Expert Installation: Our skilled installers, known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, will then replace your old windows with precision. They’re trained to handle any situation that may arise, ensuring a perfect fit and finish.

• Clean-Up: Once your new windows are installed, we take pride in leaving your home cleaner than we found it. Our team will clean the workspace thoroughly, removing any debris or materials from the installation.

• Product Demonstration: After the installation, we’ll walk you through how to operate and maintain your new windows. This demonstration ensures you’re fully comfortable with your new Renewal by Andersen windows and understand all their features and benefits.

Fibrex® Material Section

Renewal by Andersen’s Fibrex® material is a cutting-edge composite that offers the best qualities of wood and vinyl. This proprietary material is crafted to provide exceptional durability and insulation.

Renewal by Andersen’s signature Fibrex® material redefines window craftsmanship by blending 40% reclaimed wood fiber with thermoplastic polymer, resulting in a composite that’s twice as strong as standard vinyl. This innovative material not only provides superior structural integrity to your windows but also exhibits remarkable thermal insulating properties, contributing to your home’s energy efficiency.

The durability of Fibrex® ensures that your windows resist warping, fading, and cracking, maintaining their aesthetic and function for years. Rigorously tested for over two decades, windows made from Fibrex® material stand as a testament to sustainability and enduring performance, representing a wise and lasting investment for your Champaign residence.

Customer Testimonials

I love my new windows, made a HUGE difference in the drafts, keeping wind noise out, and keeping heat in. I also choose a different style and the view is much nicer, easier to open and close

Tonya B.

We are extremely pleased with our large dining room window. The old window was not efficient; letting cold air into the house in the winter as well letting heat from the furnace outside! The installer was very professional, efficient and cleaned everything up nicely. The entire experience from sales to installers through follow-up was a pleasure.

Seth Y.

Replaced 12 "old" draft double hung windows with new double hung windows. Remarkable improvement in maintaining and constant comfortable temperature in the rooms. Great workmen and a great finished job.

Tangelia N.

Proudly Serving Champaign and the Surrounding Areas

Homeowners in Champaign and the nearby areas can confidently rely on Renewal by Andersen in Peoria for exceptional window replacement and patio door installation services. Our in-depth knowledge and effective installation techniques guarantee unique solutions tailored to your specific needs. Schedule your complimentary design consultation today and take the first step towards elevating your home with Renewal by Andersen.

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